Real Wedding: Caroline + Chad | Adaumont Farm | Trinity, NC

There is something incredibly peaceful about entering into marriage amidst a lush rural landscape surrounded by the people who love you most. The natural beauty and serenity seem to be a perfect backdrop for such a momentous occasion.

It doesn’t get much prettier than Adaumont Farm, the venue where Caroline and Chad chose to say, “I do.”  The spacious,upscale barn exudes a rustic elegance making it the perfect place to celebrate with dinner and dancing.

Speaking of dancing, check out those sweet dance party photos below! The amazing duo, Smitten and Hooked, did a fabulous job capturing the energy and fun of The Band Punch  who lit this barn party… On. Fire.  Much love to S & H for sharing their amazing talents with us!
carolineandchadwedding-punch-13 carolineandchadwedding-punch-11 carolineandchadwedding-punch-10 carolineandchadwedding-punch-12 carolineandchadwedding-punch-1 carolineandchadwedding-punch-6 carolineandchadwedding-punch-7 carolineandchadwedding-punch-4 carolineandchadwedding-punch-3 carolineandchadwedding-punch-2 carolineandchadwedding-punch-15 carolineandchadwedding-punch-25 carolineandchadwedding-punch-17 carolineandchadwedding-punch-18 carolineandchadwedding-punch-28 carolineandchadwedding-punch-19 carolineandchadwedding-punch-20 carolineandchadwedding-punch-21 carolineandchadwedding-punch-30 carolineandchadwedding-punch-38 carolineandchadwedding-punch-37 carolineandchadwedding-punch-34 carolineandchadwedding-punch-33 carolineandchadwedding-punch-31 carolineandchadwedding-punch-32 carolineandchadwedding-punch-26 carolineandchadwedding-punch-24 carolineandchadwedding-punch-23 carolineandchadwedding-punch-22 carolineandchadwedding-punch-14 carolineandchadwedding-punch-9

ECE Agent: Chris McClure | Band: The Band Punch | Venue: Adaumont Farm | Photographers: Smitten and Hooked | Coordinator: Beverly Shepard | Hair + Makeup: UpDo’s | Caterer: Sweet Basil’s Catering | Florals: Beverly’s of Midway | Cake: Ketchie Creek Bakery | Videographer: Phil Beebe

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